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We are the voices of HEAR (Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records)—a group dedicated to equal access to original birth certificates (OBCs) for Indiana’s adoptees. Our goal is to banish the secrecy and shame surrounding closed Indiana adoptions, by encouraging the Indiana State Legislature to end the legacy of the “closed records era” this 2016 session. It would mean that those who were adopted during Indiana’s closed records period—1941 through 1993—would have the right to obtain their birth records and original birth certificate, just like Hoosiers adopted after 1993 can. We are a movement of adult adoptees, birth/first parents, adoptive parents and adoption placement professionals dedicated to helping everyone touched by adoption find heritage, history and healing.

View our bill, Senate Bill 91, HERE.

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HEAR continues to fight for adoptee rights into and throughout the 2016 legislative session of the Indiana General Assembly.

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If you are a birth/first parent, adoptee, adoptive parent, or adoption counseling/placement professional, we want to HEAR your true, personal adoption story. Legislators, as well as the general public, need to understand how denying adoptees access to their records negatively impacts the lives of Hoosier families.

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