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Family FilesWe are the voices of HEAR—(Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records)—a group dedicated to the equal access to original birth certificates for Indiana’s Adoptees. For the hundreds of thousands of children adopted in Indiana between 1941 and 1993, birth certificates are sealed. This leaves adult adoptees with no original birth certificate, no names of their birth/first parents, no knowledge of their background or circumstances of their adoption, and no medical history. When adult adoptees don’t have access to their original birth certificate, everyone in the adoption triad/constellation—birth/first parents, adoptees and adoptive parents—are robbed of the opportunity to find peace, healing and closure in their own way.

HEAR is dedicated to restoring adoptee rights in Indiana through legislation being considered in the Indiana State Legislature’s 2016 session. This legislation would give adult adoptees born between 1941 and 1993 the same right of access to their original birth certificate as those born after 1994, when the state allowed adoptee record access for every child adopted going forward. Adult adoptees in Indiana shouldn’t be penalized, or second class citizens, just because of the year they were born.

HEAR has been formed as a 501c4 non-profit organization, dedicated to educating legislators and the public about the importance of original birth certificate (OBC) access for adult adoptees, and mobilizing those touched by adoption to stand up for their rights.

Has your family been touched by adoption? Will you help us achieve fairness for adoptees and their families in Indiana?

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