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Man stands in the fog in the forestIf you are a birth/first parent, adoptee, adoptive parent, or adoption counseling/placement professional, we want to HEAR your true, personal adoption story. Legislators, as well as the general public, need to understand how denying adoptees access to their records negatively impacts the lives of Hoosier families.

Write your story here. Tell your truth. If you like, upload photos or videos. We are looking for personal narratives about these subjects:

  • What it is like to be adopted and not know your background
  • What would you do if searching for your information wasn’t so hard?
  • Your experience trying to work through the current system for requesting information
  • Your successful, or unsuccessful, reunion story, and the impact it had on your life
  • Stories of birth/first parents or birth family members who have searched successfully or unsuccessfully for their lost family member
  • Stories from birth/first parents or birth family members who have been reunited with lost birth family members after an adult adoptee has searched

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While we very much prefer to publish names of those who submit stories, we are willing to publish with an anonymized name. However, we do ask that you provide HEAR with your actual name and contact information, so we can contact you in the future if necessary. If you check the box for anonymity below, please provide us with a “handle” we can use in place of your name. (None of the rest of your contact information will be published.) When you submit your story, it will go to our editors for review, and pending approval, will be published on the site.

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