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Adoption Records Bill Signed by Governor

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Adoption Records Bill Signed by Governor


INDIANAPOLIS (March 4, 2016) – Today Indiana’s adult adoptees have achieved a reality that’s taken years to accomplish – equal access to the most basic parts of their identity. Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 91 into law today, making Indiana the 14th state to give adult adoptees from the “closed records” period access to their original birth certificate and adoption records.

Advocates from Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records (HEAR), a non-profit formed to push for adult adoptee access legislation in Indiana, commended the Governor for singing the bill as part of his statewide effort to make Indiana the most adoption-friendly state in the country.

“Today marks a tremendous victory for hundreds of thousands of people adopted in Indiana,” said Pam Kroskie, president of HEAR. “We are deeply grateful to the Indiana General Assembly for passing this legislation, and thank Governor Pence for his partnership on this critical issue.”

Under current law, Hoosiers adopted after 1994 have access to their records. Those adopted between 1941 and 1993 during Indiana’s “closed records” period are forced to use a difficult and expensive intermediary system to obtain their original birth certificate and adoption file information. Effective July 1, 2018, the new law will equalize access to information for all Indiana adoptees.

In the two years before the law takes effect, Kroskie plans to continue providing educational resources to the state and general public through her sister nonprofit, Indiana Adoption Network (IAN).

“A major component of this new law will be utilizing the two years we have to share information so that all Hoosiers involved in the adoption process are aware this bill has passed,” said Kroskie.

Hoosier families affected by the legislation can contact IAN for more information.

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About HEAR
Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records, Inc. (HEAR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to passing adult adoptee access legislation in Indiana, calling on adoptees, birth/first mothers, adoptive parents and adoption placement professionals to band together in support for equal access to records.

About IAN
Indiana Adoption Network (IAN) is a non-profit organization serving to empower Hoosier families through education, support and advocacy.